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Stockholm Experience

March 12, 2015

Currently I am living in Stockholm to study photography. Following my dreams and do what I like the most. But why Stockholm?! Well let me explain. Stockholm is, as I would say one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s an energetic place, but besides that you will find nature around the corner. Fashion and design is always a step ahead from the rest of Europe. Stockholm is surrounded by water and known for its impressive buildings. And not only the nature is beautiful here, but also the people. To keep it short, Stockholm is a very inspiring city. 


At the moment I am working on a photo book, which we’re presenting in a bookstore named Konstig. This is of course very exiting and I hope people will like my book and maybe even buy it! Soon I will also start a project week. My plan is to make a guide in book form to explain step by step the process of an analogue photo. From taking the photo, develop the film, to print the photo. The book will include a dictionary to explain every word and photos to make the process visible.


Are you curious to see the photos I am taking here? Check out my Instagram @lorijnephoto and on my website you will find a page (portfolio --> Stockholm) where I will upload the photos of my time in Stockholm. 



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Poster design for Kulturama

October 20, 2015

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